Sunday, July 5, 2015

My recent work and thinking.

One thing that has stayed consistent has been my daily sketching since I got serious about this art life. Funny how it still so much to learn and more yet my world of stories and ideas keep expanding. At times I look back at what I've done I wonder if I'm getting better, then other time I think I am. Yet it's still a thrill to sit in front of a blank page every morning before I head out and see what comes out, either something new or a continuation of one of my stories which weave through my noggin. Any how on to some sketches.

Monday, June 8, 2015

The matter of practice

It's been an interesting last few weeks, many things have crossed my mind and I've been in a different place almost weekly mentally when I'm considering what and where I'm going in life. Taking action despite my fears and the gaping possibility and chance of failure seem to be it. Funny enough that describes my approach to many areas not all though in my life these last few years, from heading of to art school without much except a single months worth of rent and no idea how I would pay for school to leaving Illinois and returning to Florida with no idea of what chances and hurdles waited for me.

In either case  over the last 7 years I've had my successes in earning my BFA and failures with the bust of a job hunt (an art job or decent paying one in Illinois/Chicago). So here I am at the beginning of summer having worked at my current job for some almost 9 months, scary how fast time moves when you have  routine and a boring job. Yet it has allowed me on not much pay to get my own place and finally get a decently powerful computer to pursue areas I have been lacking in my skill set.

Honestly I never expected to be able to get my own spot yet it worked out at just the right time and just within my price range. I've ben pushing myself even more in freelancing and learning and honing my skills. My dream is to make this full time and leave the 9-5, my current gig has soured that scenario for me. It seems I'm not the type for it. I hope for the best as usual but work to expect the worst. I may switch to a part time gig soon.  Recently the passing of one of my favorite figure instructors made me really reflect on his advice the way I have grown over the last few years. I have fond memories of his classes and the rush of finally being able to learn and pursue my passions in art and learning. I would have loved to speak to him again but it's been a scramble to just get by much less visit people these last few years. Farewell Fiore Custode, your words and ocassional jokes at my expense still make me chuckle and keep my pencil and brush moving.

Anyhow here are some sample of a few of my recent works in progress, for more steady updates please check for daily updates via Instagram.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Summer is coming and mine are usually interesting.

Hmmm my monthly update of this blog continues. I keep thinking I would update more frequently yet it's easier to take pics with my phone and post my daily sketches on Instagram. Also I have been working a day job that has taken up more time than I thought and has definitely shown me I am not interested or not fit for much besides creating art and making stories. I've been learning some new skills as well and will be sharing them soon. For now I have some drawings and sketches to share.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Going into March

Well it's been and interesting last few weeks. I actually got my own place, something I've been wanting for some time...a damn long time. So more room to work and also a bit of privacy. Also I have my work on display and sale at . The couple Chantel and Goose who run the gallery were pretty cool, it was nice to be around artistic and conscious people. They liked aspects of my work I hoped would stand out and they did including some I never put in intentionally. In any case I'm going to be there doing some live sketching on Thursday night for the opening.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New year...old fears


So once again I'm updating after an hiatus due to how easy it is to update my instagram and tumblr instead. You can see my tumblr at it's named Morty's Beatup sketches as is my instagram. It just felt right to go back to it since I have a bunch of beatup sketchbooks and just how life feels at times. Any how I'm getting by and dealing with the same old fears of making art and making a living possibly, yet a new year and some interesting experiences have given me a bit of change in perspective. I have a show coming up for two weeks in February, more details to follow soon. I am going to take more of an initiative to get out there and be bold since what can I really lose to be honest. This show is a start and I have a lot underway for this year drawing paintings and stories, but to satrt here is some work that will be in the show. The name of it will most be "Glimpses". Any how I'm getting back to my drawing wall.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

O town life

Hmm it's funny how things work out come together or outright just drop kick your plans hopes and such to hell. In this case it's not been drop kicked but working out better than I expected. I actually have a studio space again, that's nice to have and be able to do some large scale work. I got some long term projects finally started properly and just going to let it flow as it is rather than worry too much about perfection. I'll see what the rest of this year brings, my next update will be around next year or so I bet.