Sunday, April 19, 2015

Summer is coming and mine are usually interesting.

Hmmm my monthly update of this blog continues. I keep thinking I would update more frequently yet it's easier to take pics with my phone and post my daily sketches on Instagram. Also I have been working a day job that has taken up more time than I thought and has definitely shown me I am not interested or not fit for much besides creating art and making stories. I've been learning some new skills as well and will be sharing them soon. For now I have some drawings and sketches to share.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Going into March

Well it's been and interesting last few weeks. I actually got my own place, something I've been wanting for some time...a damn long time. So more room to work and also a bit of privacy. Also I have my work on display and sale at . The couple Chantel and Goose who run the gallery were pretty cool, it was nice to be around artistic and conscious people. They liked aspects of my work I hoped would stand out and they did including some I never put in intentionally. In any case I'm going to be there doing some live sketching on Thursday night for the opening.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New year...old fears


So once again I'm updating after an hiatus due to how easy it is to update my instagram and tumblr instead. You can see my tumblr at it's named Morty's Beatup sketches as is my instagram. It just felt right to go back to it since I have a bunch of beatup sketchbooks and just how life feels at times. Any how I'm getting by and dealing with the same old fears of making art and making a living possibly, yet a new year and some interesting experiences have given me a bit of change in perspective. I have a show coming up for two weeks in February, more details to follow soon. I am going to take more of an initiative to get out there and be bold since what can I really lose to be honest. This show is a start and I have a lot underway for this year drawing paintings and stories, but to satrt here is some work that will be in the show. The name of it will most be "Glimpses". Any how I'm getting back to my drawing wall.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

O town life

Hmm it's funny how things work out come together or outright just drop kick your plans hopes and such to hell. In this case it's not been drop kicked but working out better than I expected. I actually have a studio space again, that's nice to have and be able to do some large scale work. I got some long term projects finally started properly and just going to let it flow as it is rather than worry too much about perfection. I'll see what the rest of this year brings, my next update will be around next year or so I bet.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Low in the clouds

Well back in the good old FL, left behind the oncoming winter in the land of wind and smelly onions. It was a good for the experience and learning a bit. Came down to see my brothers and family here and am now surprised to find my self in another city. It's where I'll be for now I guess till something else pushes me elsewhere.  As usual I've been honing my craft, with the daily sketching and drawing. Check for daily updates.

Monday, June 9, 2014

About that time..summer is here

Another long overdue update of the good old beatup sketchbook. Since my last update life has been interesting as it usually gets in that "Oh my fucking goodness" kind of way. I'm still here though working on my own work along some commissions. I'm still about that daily drawing and pushing my limits which has been getting posted to my sketch blog, more of a sketch blog than this one actually. Been posting daily, sketchin has become me life really and to think of it has been for sometime. Any how I'm feeling ok about things, better than I've felt in some months. On to some recent stuff.