Sunday, November 23, 2014

O town life

Hmm it's funny how things work out come together or outright just drop kick your plans hopes and such to hell. In this case it's not been drop kicked but working out better than I expected. I actually have a studio space again, that's nice to have and be able to do some large scale work. I got some long term projects finally started properly and just going to let it flow as it is rather than worry too much about perfection. I'll see what the rest of this year brings, my next update will be around next year or so I bet.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Low in the clouds

Well back in the good old FL, left behind the oncoming winter in the land of wind and smelly onions. It was a good for the experience and learning a bit. Came down to see my brothers and family here and am now surprised to find my self in another city. It's where I'll be for now I guess till something else pushes me elsewhere.  As usual I've been honing my craft, with the daily sketching and drawing. Check for daily updates.

Monday, June 9, 2014

About that time..summer is here

Another long overdue update of the good old beatup sketchbook. Since my last update life has been interesting as it usually gets in that "Oh my fucking goodness" kind of way. I'm still here though working on my own work along some commissions. I'm still about that daily drawing and pushing my limits which has been getting posted to my sketch blog, more of a sketch blog than this one actually. Been posting daily, sketchin has become me life really and to think of it has been for sometime. Any how I'm feeling ok about things, better than I've felt in some months. On to some recent stuff.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winter's almost gone

Here I am still in the Midwest enduring the last tendrils of a tough winter, coming away from it with skin literally thicker and a bit more muscle on my frame. Thanks to a job that has me living a nocturnal life style, more akin to the ogre or some rough beast I swear I've become more and more. I still draw though with leathery hands and blunted fingers. On to some sketches.