Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's a bit warm

Been another long crazy month, all I can say is damn this summer of 2012 not sure if it's just the heat or the basic craziness of human nature pouring out more so but I'll be glad to put a lot of the recent bullshit behind me, far behind me and get on with my life. Who would think the Boondocks got so much right sadly, one thing to laugh about it and another to experience it. In any case as usual  I've been drawing like a fiend, since there aint much for me if anything in this blasted town and it keeps my mind of the heat....or madness whichever comes first in the morning. Just a few of the recent sketches and doodles.

This is definitely inspired by the late great Jean Giraud/Moebius/Gir a huge inspiration for me, a lot of my art was/is inspired by him actually. Thanks for all the awesome art dude.

As a final note I'm getting rid of the banner, that damn cat ran of  plus it's too big and obnoxious to me now. I have to do something else nice soon or may just leave it not sure yet. Otherwise I'm going back to the drawing board literally, I have many lines to draw before I sleep tonight.