Saturday, January 10, 2015

New year...old fears


So once again I'm updating after an hiatus due to how easy it is to update my instagram and tumblr instead. You can see my tumblr at it's named Morty's Beatup sketches as is my instagram. It just felt right to go back to it since I have a bunch of beatup sketchbooks and just how life feels at times. Any how I'm getting by and dealing with the same old fears of making art and making a living possibly, yet a new year and some interesting experiences have given me a bit of change in perspective. I have a show coming up for two weeks in February, more details to follow soon. I am going to take more of an initiative to get out there and be bold since what can I really lose to be honest. This show is a start and I have a lot underway for this year drawing paintings and stories, but to satrt here is some work that will be in the show. The name of it will most be "Glimpses". Any how I'm getting back to my drawing wall.