Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back after a hiatus

Well I actually didn't go anywhere for long anyway.It as been interesting over the last month I received my receipt notices for my immigration forms which allows me to really keep track of their progress. On the 31st I actually had my fingerprinting done so background check then work permit. No on to the fun stuff dare I say "magical" I actually was out of town for a four day weekend took the grayhound and spent four glorious days in Sarasota stayed on campus at Ringling which gave me much better idea of what to expect in some ways plus gave me an extra fire in me belly to make sure I am there this Fall. Well I had fun and was comfortable which is rare and I made some new friends (it will be my duty to make them question there mental states for the rest of their lives)...the fools. On to the drawings only going to post a few of what I have done over the month.