Friday, January 27, 2012

Recent madness

Life's been crazy as usual lately crazier than I imagined it could be in some ways and it's not just for me but most if not everyone of my friends and family are going through some measure of difficulty or just plain fucking tough situations too. I'm freer than I have been for some time and I do enjoy that though, it's been a while since I would throw myself into my art and say fuck it to all the little fears and bullshit that can swim around the mind when you try to make a living from it. In any case here are some sketches and stuff from the last couple of weeks, not all of what I should be posting but they will be scanned when it gets scanned.

A collaboration with a pal of mine, he gave me cool idea so I did this for the hell of it.

More sketches writing for my story I'm working on, it's been somewhat slow going on it lately.

Some thing I finally brought outside of the sketch book a couple of weeks ago, Ink, gouache and a bit of dry media. Better pictures of the it to come.

A Painting I started while I was still in Sarasota, it  bothered me to look at it lately so  I went back in changed somethings. I worked on it a bit more after this picture. I'm leaving it alone for now but I know more needs be done

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Postin up

Some paintings and sketches, a few are better images of some stuff that has been posted before.