Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hairy March

So much for my plans to update at least once a month but I have been busy since my last update with life and art or just life in general since art is a part of life. I have started a new job and it is pretty nice compared to many other gigs I have had. Interesting crew of folks who are all wonderfully interesting in a way I enjoy.  See how things go there as far as work and personal life in general.

This has been a progressive year so far since I have been coming to terms and dealing with a few matters, figuring shit out and becoming more comfortable with aspects of myself despite the fuckery I have tolerated for far too long. It seems people respond to me in positive ways more often than not, apparently I am doing what my mom before she passed said I should do which was to go out into world and shine. Any how on to some scans from my recently finished sketchbook as I am still pursuing my art and story work in a hermetic ecstasy.