Friday, January 3, 2014

New year...with some of last year stuff

I've been negligent about updating my blog, honestly been busy working a third shift job and mainly updating my tumblr  It's mostly pic of my sketch book stuff from my phone. In any case I'm working at a warehouse doing work for breaking down deliveries and even breaking down huge palletes sometimes 20ft long to get stored and sorted at the warehouse. Lot's of lifting and pushing, feeling sore and tired and in certain moments wondering about my life and how things go. I like the people I work with, a fun bunch of folks. Still been doodling like a fiend and working on projects and trying to be optimistic about this being an artist/illustrator/mad dreamer. It's a job non the less and puts some much needed change in my pocket. Dealing with the cold and snow can be a hassle, surprised with how I'm handling the winter though. Learning to drive a forklift bit by bit.

One thing I've realized is people don't usually realize just how much work goes into honing a skill and being dedicated. They just don't get it, puts certain thing in perspective to have  a dream that i very tenuous when you have much more pressing concerns, like food shelter etc.

Anyhow on to 2014 and few doodles, rants and  who knows where else I might head to this year mentally or physically. Check out some sketches from this last few months or so, once again check my tumblr for nearly daily updates at