Thursday, June 20, 2013

A nice morning

Finally got my scanner up and running for now, thanks to a gig I got these last few weeks doing some pool and grounds work where I'm staying right now I'll soon be able to invest in some more art supplies. It's been a strange spring in Chicago, warm one day then cool and raining the other, kind of the same way my life has been going some what lately. I have managed to get a nice tan or rather a bit of color which is nice after how pale I had gotten after this also strange winter. Ah good times with this climate change.

As far as my art I've been drawing, learning and exploring with the pen, pencil, and occasional brush everyday. Trying not to worry about where I may be or may not be going with it as a career too much lately. Just writing and creating for the hell of it as usual, actually have a story that I have been working on since my last year at Ringling (I used a part of it for my senior Illustration thesis) rounded out pretty much, the beginning, the end actually the culmination of what happens between the cultures.  The world is pretty much built, history, people and major incidents that shaped key cultural changes. I've written the story of one of the fellows who is a key aspect of how things turn out many generations later. Some day soon it will be up on here (and elsewhere) when it's translated from my scribbling. Otherwise I'm taking things in stride and enjoying some real nice sunny days out by the pool. In any case here are some scans from a sketchbook from earlier this year. 

I've not updated this blog directly as much I did in the past, I've mainly been putting work up on my  Tumblr and my twitter. It's been easier to update them using my phone to take pics of what I've done, though I will be scanning my work more often again. Check them out if you're interested in being more up to date with what I've been working on. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Story doodle

Story doodle by Morty79
Story doodle, a photo by Morty79 on Flickr.

Recent sketch for my sci-fi story I've been whittling away at for a while. It's been more writing than anything for a while. I have the world built know I'm fleshing it out with the actual people. This guys an engineer in the heat exchange sections cold room , basically a really efficient stirling engine.


trees by Morty79
trees, a photo by Morty79 on Flickr.

I've been drawing the tree's and bird around the place lately.