Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quick post

I have been wondering if I have been drawing enough lately and trying to really get my mind turning. I draw everyday paint as well and I know I am not doing enough that more could be done that I can explore and come up with new ways o doing things. Well I am just going to post two more pages I have already scanned.

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Some sketches I used to develop a high speed exo-skeleton idea, I dont think someone could it in the inked one though :).

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Just a semi self-portrait looks only somewhat like me. Trying to get hands down and I think I am make progress though they still seem bulky rather than how fluid and graceful hand can be. Then again my hands are big(yes the size is actually close to real life) and crusty, I am surprised I can draw with theses things.
Well more to come in the future , I have done some work in water color and landscapes :D.

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