Thursday, July 3, 2008

sketche page of course

sketchesofcourse, originally uploaded by Morty79.

Ah sadly only one sketch page (out of many I have yet to scan).more importantly I have been approved for my green card as of Monday after my interview, went in for my final fingerprinting yesterday and should receive my card within a another week or so. So school looks very very likely this semester plus I can possibly go see my family this Christmas or maybe early next year. Ahh finally after 15 years.


Nilah said...

Love the lady on the top, nice face shape.

See you in another month!

Kevin said...

Thank Nilah, just trying to expand on how I draw faces. Definitely will see you in a month!

RNS said...

Limbo up! Limbo down! Congrats on your Green card!

Kevin said...

Thanks Rachel, yes I limboed my way to my green card.