Monday, July 15, 2013

a bit o sketchin

a bit o sketchin by Morty79
a bit o sketchin, a photo by Morty79 on Flickr.

Been a minute since I updated this blog. It's been easier to update my tumblr but I still have to make time for here once in a while.

Things have been crazy lately...well crazier than usual. The place where I'm staying got flooded about three weeks or so ago, during that time I stayed at a hotel and have been getting some hours working with the clean up effort and other things. It's been nasty demanding work just like my ol greencard less days.

A few things were lost, a few pieces I had in progress, some art paper/supplies , my scanner and the charger for my laptop. What else can you do but keep on sketching and making steps where you can. In any case, I'm tired and have more cleanup work tomorrow. Times like these really make you think and wonder, mainly just where the hell am I going in this thing called life kind of deal. Who knows. Got a few doodles to do before bed tonight.

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