Monday, December 3, 2012

A December posting

I have been lagging behind in my updates since life has been demanding lately. I making a transition I'm a couple of weeks from where I am currently living in Florida to Chicago. It is a move that has been long overdue, finishing school was a big step for me and I had hoped coming back to my old town to try and salvage my moms estate would be a possible task but its been draining and has kept me from doing so much. I learned quite a few things about people as well that have made the distaste towards this town I've had for a while even more bitter.

On the good side I've had to really look at the progress I've made as a person and artist over the last several years, I threw myself into making art with the same mad frenzy I had before I had even thought art school was a possibility. Looking back its been a bizarre journey, made more poignant since yesterday was my birthday. A day of reflection, cleaning, drawing and wee bit of birthday drinking. In any case I have another journey ahead of me, farewell Florida hope I don't see you too soon again. As this town.....heh.

One quick note I like seeing the many different countries that visitors to this blog come from, I just want to thanks to everybody for stopping by and checking my stuff out.


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