Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another year coming to a close

Hmm it only seems like a year ago I was talking about 2012 being close and 2011 coming to an end, what else can I say about 2012 but what a year its been a few ups and many downs. The way time flies while your busy is a fairly funny thing, especially when you've been busy fending of bullshit and trying to paddle upstream with no paddle.
I planned to draw people on the flight but I found the window view more interesting (and my own wanderig thoughts), funny since it was a night flight.

Recent doodle, I need to get some ink soon.

Some recent notes I made recently for my story Ive been working on for almost two years now, I have some ideas n mind where to go next.

Another page from my story/rambling sci-fi, it's taking different turns than I expected at first.

A few doodle of my bro and his girl who hosted me quite nicely before I left Fla, also some folks at the airport.

More story doodles and a randomn semi likeness of my bro in Chi-town.

Random pen hatching, inspired by clouds.

Wandering doodles from the flight.

A sketc of my bro as a fruit ninja.

A quick sketch from the top of my head the other day.

Sketch of a tree from my stay in Orlando parking lot

A bit of my usual mental wandering.

Some notes for one a few projects I have going.

A dog that was always on a patio at the apartment complex where I was for a week, I swear a squirrel came up to the screen by him and danced like a methed up go-go dancer right in his face. That poor dog didn't even bark he just looked at me with a FML expression. I feel ya dog..I feel ya.

Good ol cyborg sketching

A watercolor from the other day, I left a lot of supplies in Fla but I have enough to make a few sketch books and to draw for a while though.
Another year of drawing, painting and thinking and shaking my head at the world almost as much as I shake it about my life and who I am. Well all things change and I made a move from good ol Florida to Chi-Town(not the city proper by the way) I am able to do this thanks to the kindness of one of my brothers, hopefully something comes together here. It's pretty apt a new location and new year coming up. I'll miss a few people in Florida alot but I will  never live in the town I left again..never. In any case a new place, a new year and new possibilities. Happy New Year folks!!

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